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APRIL/MAY –  Updated details of Emily’s brother at the end of her page.  Amended section on Crivelli (renaissance artist) at the end of Per Larsen page.  Added a Gaugin image to South Pacific page under Travels.

Note: Now that Covid restrictions have been lifted and travels & diaries are back in action, it is becoming difficult to upload new  information every month.  Instead, it is more likely to take place over a two month period.

MARCH – Continuation of Emily’s page

FEBRUARY – Silvia’s mother, Emily Frances Amys, added to Family

JANUARY – Amended Correspondence Sections for Muriel Hodgson


DECEMBERSir William Rothenstein added to Friends’ Introduction (Mentors)

NOVEMBER – Per Larsen updated his page with the addition of two letters (and another image in 01/22)

OCTOBER –  Clough Williams-Ellis added to Friends’ Introduction (Correspondents)

SEPTEMBERPer Larsen added to  Friends’ Introduction (Correspondents)

JULY – Correspondence added to Muriel Hodgson

JUNEMuriel Hodgson added to Friends’ Introduction (Correspondents)

MAYRalph Hodgson added to Friends’ Introduction (Mentors)

APRIL Friends’ Introduction amended under Friends, and a page added for Charles Reeve (Mentors)

MARCH – Cunard relations and a family tree added to Athole’s webpage.   A family tree also added to Silvia’s Family.

FEBRUARYAthole Hay, continued

JANUARYAthole Hay, Husband added to Family 


DECEMBER Augustus John added to Friends’ Introduction (Correspondents) 

NOVEMBER Paul Nash  added to Friends’ Introduction (Correspondents)

OCTOBER – Siblings added to Fausset’s webpage

SEPTEMBER – Page added for Silvia’s father, Fausset Maher Baker

JULY – Page added for Silvia’s brother, Arthur Amys Fausset Baker

JUNE  – Website launched! 

The following pages were set up: 

Home, About, Actress, Artist, Author, Family, Travels & Timeline

See Timeline (1970) for note about the spelling of Silvia’s second name